Annual Town Meeting – 5/19/2020

State of Wisconsin…Town of Schley   Lincoln County


The Town Board of the Town of Schley provides its written notice and an agenda of the public meeting of said Town on Tuesday, ___May 19, 2020_     at the SCHLEY TOWN HALL at  6:00 P.M.  The public may provide comments of the Town Board if public comments are noted on the Agenda and upon recognition by presiding officer.




1.  Call meeting to order

2.  Pledge of Allegiance

3.  Roll call

4.  Verification of public notice by Town Board

5.  Approval of last year’s Annual Meeting minutes

6.  Financial Report

7.  Specific matters for discussion & possible action by Town Board

a.      Grant for Moser Road south of Hwy. C

b.     Road Maintenance Plan

c.      Town of Russell Fire Department report

d.     First Responders update

e.      Appointment of Planning Commission members (Ratajczyk & Dallman)

f.      Planning Commission report

g.     Set Time/Date for next year’s meeting (3rd Tuesday of April 2021)

 8.   Members of a sub-committee of the Town of Schley may attend Town Board meeting to


      present information gathered regarding subject for which sub-committee may

      report on their unit.

9.   Discussion of possible action and agenda for upcoming Town Board meeting.

10.  Adjournment


Meeting notice posted in three (3) bulletin boxes…Town Hall…Z’s Fork Hornersl…Hub Inn …


Date___April 30, 2020


Designee: __Becky Dallman, Clerk_________

                                                           Becky Dallman, Clerk   (715-873-4751)


Contact information:

Chairman, Rick Dorn (715-432-4713)                        Supervisor, Bonita Prueser   (715-873-4644)

Treasurer, Susan Podeweltz (715-536-3756)              Supervisor, Gerald Plamann (715-536-8743)