Town Spring Clean-Up – May 22, 2021


  The Town is sponsoring a “CLEAN-UP DAY”

 Saturday – May 22, 2021 –   8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Bring your old appliances and recyclables as listed below

to the Schley Town Hall. You must be a Town of Schley

resident. The Town will pay half of the regular fee for you.

Items taken for free:

Air conditioners                                             Grills (charcoal or gas)

Humidifiers                                                    Batteries

Lawn mowers                                                 Bed frames (metal)

Microwaves                                                    Dehumidifiers

Patio furniture (metal)                                    Dish washers

Refrigerators (electric or gas)                         Dryers

Stoves (electric or gas)                                   Farm equipment

Washers                                                          Freezers (chest or upright)

Fuel oil tanks                                                  Tires on aluminum/steel rims


Items with charges:                                        Items not taken:

Junk tires $8.00 a piece                                  Tractor/large truck tires

TVs $30.00                                                     Drain, fuel, & hydraulic oils

Computers $30.00                                          Paint

Monitors $30.00


Remember to Recycle                                    Becky Dallman, Clerk